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The South African government established ID systems with racial categories to maintain apartheid. Back in the United States, the Church Committee looked at the ways that the government had abused national security authority with surveillance technologies targeted at civil rights leaders, war protesters, and political critics. Congress established laws for intelligence surveillance in the United States. Other countries continued to treat police as domestic intelligence agents, building secret files and tracking rumor and innuendo.

As new technology created new commercial opportunities and new privacy risks, the United States developed privacy safeguards. In the s and '90s the United States established privacy laws for everything from junk faxes and auto dialers to email and polygraphs. The Do Not Call list, which now includes more than millions telephone numbers, is just one of many examples of law responding to technology.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Privacy Essay is Full of Contradictions

So, there is no reason that new technology means the erosion of privacy. Quite the opposite, it is the challenge to privacy brought about by technology that has shaped the legal right in the modern era. The attacks of challenged our country in new ways. But perhaps the biggest challenge was whether we would safeguard both our country and our Constitutional heritage or whether we would have weak leaders who were unable to protect the country without sacrificing our freedoms. Regrettably, we found that our political leaders lacked the ability to uphold our laws.

For electronic surveillance, they pushed aside the judiciary and asserted the President's authority to intercept the private communications of American citizens within the United States. Even with the broad powers of the Patriot Act , the White House grew impatient and colluded with the telephone companies to disclose private customer records without legal basis or judicial review.

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For government database, they raced to establish Total Information Awareness , and when that system collapsed, they created " fusion centers " that contain detailed profiles on Americans who are suspected of no crime. This administration has funded camera systems for our cities that now place both residents and visitors under constant surveillance. Technologies that were originally created to uncover terrorists routinely record people going to work and kids playing in a park.

Airline travelers are literally stripped naked by devices that provide millions in government grants to government contractors but little security benefit to the public.

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In too many cases, the administration has simply pushed these programs forward with little regard for privacy. They want the public to believe that if they sacrifice their privacy -- their liberty -- their security will be enhanced. But Benjamin Franklin warned long ago that such a strategy would fail. The correct balance is not a metaphysical tradeoff between security and privacy. The correct balance -- really a counter-balance - is between the powers of government and the means of oversight that are established. This is the point made clear by the Commission.

It is the oversight of government and the rights of the individuals that we are being asked to sacrifice, and no where is the cost more clear than with privacy. In the modern era, the right of privacy represents a vast array of rights that include clear legal standards, government accountability, judicial oversight, the design of techniques that are minimally intrusive and the respect for the dignity and autonomy of individuals.

The choice that we are being asked to make is not simply whether to reduce our expectation of privacy, but whether to reduce the rule of law, whether to diminish the role of the judiciary, whether to cast a shroud of secrecy over the decisions made by government. In other words, we are being asked to become something other than the strong America that could promote innovation and safeguard privacy that could protect the country and its Constitutional traditions. We are being asked to become a weak nation that accepts surveillance without accountability that cannot defend both security and freedom.

That is a position we must reject. If we agree to reduce our expectation of privacy, we will erode our Constitutional democracy. Privacy issues are also of importance because it helps individuals avoid unwanted intrusions in their personal dealings. Consequently, for the reason that privacy is such a complex concept, there have been ongoing concerns and discussions in relation to the legal concept of privacy rights…. According to the United States Constitution, every person has the right to his or her privacy, to a certain extent, and this right of privacy is extended to women and their decision to terminate their pregnancies.

There are many reasons why a woman might feel the need to terminate her pregnancy.

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  5. For example, she might have been sexually abused, she is not…. I believe these can be answered, with the consideration of and through, moral and reason. Using the United States as an example, the law has been divided between…. The government and the NSA have been keeping everyone in the country under surveillance in order to help protect the citizens from possible threats.

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    A lot of people believe this is a violation of their privacy rights, but many also understand that some things are necessary in order to keep the country protected. In this day and age, there are various means that a criminal can use to relay information to others which is why the government has to monitor the various tools that the general public uses…. With all of these false accusations it is simple to see why people would be supportive of our right to privacy. On the other hand, the government eavesdropping on the people of the United States has helped save many lives and justice being served.

    The United States of America is a free country, so we should have the option to be spied on by the government; however, as citizens we do have rights of privacy that are stated in the Bill of Rights that cannot be taken away….

    Some freedom are being protected by the Bill of Rights, like freedom of religion, speech, press, and assembly, and some are not. Privacy is one of the rights that was not mention in the Constitution. Throughout history the Supreme Court has been ruling in favor of the right to privacy like in the cases of Griswold v.

    Connecticut, Roe v.

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    Wade, and Lawrence v. Privacy Rights The privacy of the individual is the most important right. Without privacy, the democratic system that we know would not exist. Privacy is one of the fundamental values on which our country was founded. There are exceptions to privacy rights that are created by the need for defense and security. When our country was founded, privacy was not an issue.

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    The villages then were small and close. Most people knew their neighbors and what was going on in the community. They did not…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More.

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    Certain modernized security, nevertheless this means that people have a right to privacy, but the government can still looked through your information. All they need to do is tap into the public or private databases that can gather, buy, and sell important facts. Demand for personal information has exploded in recent years.