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For the next few years, Lennon and his family visited Mailer in Provincetown and Maine during summer vacations. Lennon also assisted Univ. Mailer was comfortable with those of Irish extraction, and they hit it off. Press of Mississippi.

Norman Mailer

By this time, Mailer had begun sharing drafts of his books with Lennon, who began assembling a collection of his books, his uncollected reviews, essays, poems and letters to the editor, and everything in print he could find about Mailer. At his suggestion, in the Mailer papers, previously housed in Manhattan, were moved to a large professional storage facility in NE Pennsylvania, making it more convenient for Lennon and Lucid to have access.

Lennon and his wife began to re-organize the papers, sifting and sorting through cubic feet of paper. In after nine years on the job, Lennon stepped down from the V. He moved to the English Dept. It took him almost three years to read all 50, letters 25 million words , and he remains the only person, save Mailer, who has read them all. Mailer approved the idea of the biography and an edition of the selected letters appearing one after the other, a year apart, depending on which was completed first.

But the trope steers us away from the truth of what actually happened. The good people over at dictionary. Gibbs, Jr. The site operates according to a Wiki-style open democracy. It contains a catalog of numerous tropes that pop up in the plots and visuals of TV shows and movies. There is some really interesting stuff here. It all hints at the idea that there are a limited number of story lines out there, or certain set ways that a story can be told. This is not necessarily a bad thing though. A chasm exists between trope in literature and trope in real life.

Some might even argue that any and every story is bound to adhere to certain lapidary parameters of narrative arc and character development. The ubiquity of trope in ideas writing these days can be explained by the memetic propagation of a cool word in the collective consciousness. This idea is a trope of sorts. As the Wiki excerpt above suggests, trope is one way in which we apply order and cohesion to the world. They have no precedent in our store of human narratives. There is an irony here, too.

Should We Still Read Norman Mailer?

As trope takes over, we seem to be confronted by more and more happenings that flip the script. On the positive side, the election of Barack Obama was an unprecedented event, though that too can be couched in terms of a trope. The American Dream.

[Wikipedia] Stabbing of Adele Morales by Norman Mailer

Horatio Alger. Trope helps us grasp inherent truths. Trope entertains us. And it helps us understand the greater narratives of our lives as individuals and members of a society. Turns out I was waist deep in the pool all along. But, as most usage of the word these days hints, trope is a trick.

Easy explanations invite our skepticism. Norman reigned, briefly, back in that weird era before weedy young sophomore swains learned to spend their pocket money on macho lessons from Jim Morrison and, later, gangsta rappers … they used to get these lessons from novelists, believe it or not! Before the sexual revolution, when a young man might only find sex in a brothel or the army , blatantly misogynistic and crypto-homoerotic Norman was the perfect teacher.

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The nascent sexual revolution pushed Norm toward irrelevance and the slightly-more-openly homoerotic Beats took over before the Beat-inflected rockers took over from the Beats. He was never strictly a Literary Phenomenon. Mind of an Outlaw is a great recent compilation, recommendable to just about everyone.

But: to each his or her own!

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Read Mailer. He sucked at life but excelled at writing. Same with Faulkner. Having recently moved into a new apartment, I have been presented with one of the great toils, but also great joys, of relocation: moving all my goddamn books. But screw that, I say! The weight is worth the lifting.

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But even for those who loathe the process of moving a library, once the boxes are firmly stacked in the new digs, you get to create a whole new one, and this is the great joy I referred to. In a new home, though, we get to start afresh, create a new system. This is, of course, an extremely limited list, taken exclusively from books I own. Also for the sake of my sanity, I excluded all single-subject biographies and criticism on film or music; only fiction, poetry, and drama. NB: list is in alphabetical order by author, or subject for biographies, except for two anthologies at the start of the list, which are alphabetical by title.

I initially wanted to do 50 but my first list stretched to nearly titles.