Thesis on spot welding

A range of product models and variants are assembled in quantities requiring frequent change-overs.

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The chosen design restriction, of incorporating a part fixturing design approach, distinguishes this research from F. A conceptual layout design was developed to address part feeding, manipulation, transportation, fixturing and welding requirements, for an entire breaker model range.

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This showed that the optimal configuration consists of four single loop layout systems. The thesis concludes that the final concept possesses the flexibility to produce the primary product range.

Conceptual design of a fixture-based reconfigurable spot welding system

Reconfiguration for production beyond this range is assisted by the modular nature of the layout. An attempt is made to arrive at suitable process parameters for resistance spot welding through thermal analysis.

Nugget and electrode diameter are evaluated from emperical relations. Temperature distribution, nugget and Heat Affected Zone dimensions are obtained from the analysis. Weld strenght is analysed through experimental trails.

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We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. However, a bad quality spot weld can cause problems to the production line such as downtime and monetary losses.

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It can even cause fatal accidents if the defect body reaches the customer. The current methods of evaluating the quality of a spot weld is either too slow or it is not sufficiently accurate.

These methods include, isolating a body to perform destructive test or by using ultrasonic test. This thesis studies on determining the spot weld quality based on a captured image of the spot point. In order to accurately determine the quality, a complex image processing algorithm is applied. The module is fed with pictures of spot welding with good quality and spot welding with bad quality.