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James Smith, professor of English at San Fernando Valley State College, describes how parents use literature to socialize their child smith, "Through their children's reading, parents may hope to influence their attitudes and actions toward family, neighborhood, school, church, nation, or the world society. They may use books to shape a child's values, to create or change his ideals. Such counsel, embodied in fiction, poetry, or nonfiction, may cover a tremendous range of behavior matters'obedience, independence, physical safety, doing chores, being honest, study habits, hygiene, attitudes toward school, being kind to animals.

For many parents the book is still primarily a moral agent, an influence upon belief and behavior" , 68 Twentieth-century children's books often didactically express the idea of ethnic equality. Thus the implications of didactism in children literature are to instill ethnic quality among interracial societie, spread socialization ideology, religion and nationalism Carolyne, Popular and Respectable Children Literature: There is always from the early history of this type of literature a tension between respectable and popular children literature.

Based on Grenby essay in study guide of children literature, block1, p20 , the difference between Respectable and popular children literature has several characteristics and differences from popular literature, though there is no clear cut-off between both of them. However, the respectable children literature has the following features: expensive, overtly moralistic, serious, religious and realistic while the popular children literature can be considered as: cheap, non-, oral endings, frivolous, secular and fantastic, respectively Children literature Study Guide-block 1, , p.

Summary In this research, the question to be answered was whether children literature can be both didactic and entertaining. Therefore, to answer this question, the researcher attempted to address several relevant point which covered briefly the purposes of children literature, and the issue of didactism in this type of literature. Instruction or delight or both in children literature, and the difference between respectable and popular literature are all discussed.

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Yet it noteworthy that some of our most beloved children's books don't teach anything and can't be linked to an agenda of any kind. The critical point in this field is to think that children are the best arbiters, being naturally drawn to what is good and true.. After all, children literature should be emphasized due to its importance in the grow-up and development stage of the child to produce eventually a psychologically normal and creative generation in the future.

References: Johan Koren Chapter 1. Learning about children and their literature Smith, James.

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A critical approach to children's literature. In addition, this book also contains some of my favourite characters. The aura and personality of that character described by Rowling are simply brilliant. Further, it made me become a greater fan of the series. Get the huge list of more than Essay Topics and Ideas.

Even though the books are about the world of wizards and magic, the Harry Potter series contains a lot of lessons for young people to learn. Firstly, it teaches us the importance of friendship. I have read many books but never come across a friendship like that of Harry, Hermoine, and Ron. These three musketeers stuck together throughout the books and never gave up. It taught me the value of a good friend. Further, the series of Harry Potter taught me that no one is perfect.

Everyone has good and evil inside them. We are the ones who choose what we wish to be. This helped me in making better choices and becoming a better human being. We see how the most flawed characters like Snape had goodness inside them. Similarly, how the nicest ones like Dumbledore had some bad traits. This changed my perspective towards people and made me more considerate. Finally, these books gave me hope.

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  5. They taught me the meaning of hope and how there is light at the end of the tunnel. It gave me the strength to cling on to hope in the most desperate times just like Harry did all his life. These are some of the most essential things I learned from Harry Potter.