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The first step in this process is that of determining the dogs personal space, the second step is about analyzing the dogs emotional state to know how best to enter the dogs personal space. The third and last step is that of putting a leash on the dogs neck, this step however depends on the success of the above two steps. The following sections will give an in-depth description of each of the steps involved in the process. Personal space refers to the area or space surrounding the dog, that cannot be enters without a response.

The benefit of this step lies in the prevention of harm in case the dog responds violently. Step 2: Analyzing Dogs Emotional State. In the second step of the process, the animal control officer or anyone intending to capture the dog has to analyze its emotional state.

What is a Process Analysis Essay?

This is because the dog will react every time a person enters its personal space. In this case, the officer looks for signs such as barking, growling, and raised hair along the back, lips drawn back into a snarl to indicate aggression.

Writing a Process Essay

Other signs of aggression include flagging the tail, ears flattened against the head, avoidance of eye contact and a rigid appearance. On the other hand, signs such as crouching with tail between legs and ears down when approached by someone indicate submissiveness and fear in a dog.

Such a dog is usually cooperative. Step 3: Putting a Leash on the Dog.

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  • In this case, the captor has to talk to the dog in a low soothing voice while slowly squatting sideways to the dog. Squatting helps make the dog less intimidated by the difference in height. Transition from one step to the other must be made smoothly and all steps must be in as much detail as is required to get the point across to an average reader.

    Process Analysis Essays: What They Are

    This is where you mention in descriptive detail, the step 4 mentioned above. Use separate paragraph for this step of the process and ensure that the flow is coherent and interesting. Here, the writer is required to mention the last step that is step no. There is no need to make a reiteration of every single thing that the writer has already stated. A simple reinforcement of the main tasks in the form of bullet points or milestones could be mentioned.

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    This should be topped off with a detailed explanation of the result of the entire process that the essay was trying to achieve. The progression of the process explained should be assisted by employing the use of time. Such as mentioning when and how long a certain step will take to reach completion and then and only then the next step is to be undertaken. Are you beginning to get a better understanding of how to write a process analysis essay? Let us know in the comment sections below! See author's posts.

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    Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Scholar Ace. Home Scholarships. What Is It? Requirements: In this part, the author is required to set out all desired resources for the process to be effectively carried out. Warnings: There are multiple ways any process could go wrong. The Process: In this section, the author will be providing a basic framework of the process step by step in the particular sequence that they are to be carried out in.

    Review: Last but not the least, a much more succinct revision of the entire process should be made at the end of the essay in order to reiterate and drive all points home. Introduction This should include steps 1, 2 and 3 that are mentioned above.

    Process Analysis Essay Outline

    Main Body This is where you mention in descriptive detail, the step 4 mentioned above. Conclusion Here, the writer is required to mention the last step that is step no.