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Did you know that we:. Many students studying English Literature face problems in writing as they are unaware of the literature, this is key reason we give strong emphasis towards such students and help them whenever required.

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We list all your queries and concerns on the top by emailing your concerns instantly to the concerned departments. This helps to save time and exertion needed to pass on the details to the writing department specially.

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We will make your exam entry, you will be an OOL internal candidate not an external or private candidate and the fees for this will be paid to Oxford Open Learning. For any other subject, you will enter as a private candidate at your local exam centre, where you will be an external candidate.

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You cannot enter through us. Your host centre will be a local school, college or private tutorial college that agrees to let you sit the written exam papers with them. You will pay them directly for this. You find a host centre in the same way as you would find a normal exam centre, using the guidelines and information for finding exam centres on this website.

If you have any special needs and require access arrangements it is essential that you let Oxford Open Learning know either when you apply to join the course or immediately afterwards. The process for getting special arrangements is long and expensive and if you leave it until close to the exam, it will probably be too late. The NEA tasks are detailed within your course materials. Please read the Introduction and the relevant lessons in your folder carefully.

You should discuss them with your course tutor as soon as possible after starting your course and definitely before mid November.

Poetry Coursework

You will need to establish your choice of topic, the rules applying and the deadlines for submission. Please be aware that the more help you get from your tutor the more strict their marking has to be to compensate. This is something that you need to be aware of and understand fully. You should make yourself familiar with the JCQ document; Information for Candidates; non-examination assessments. This is important please follow the link.

Your tutor will have a lot more information for you about the NEA part of your course and it is important that you discuss it fully with them. When you enrolled on your course you also signed a document which shows our rules for authenticating your NEA coursework. We have to abide by them and your tutor will not be able to mark your work if you have not followed them.

cencaurpoolman.tk We will inform you when we have received your NEA and also of the mark you have been awarded. Stay Connected.

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