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Yes it is true that all the study material is available online and that too properly explained.

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But the fact remains a computer is just an electronic machine devoid of any emotions while a teacher is a human being and has emotions. When a teacher teaches a student, there is a mutual involvement on both sides whereas when a child learns from a computer there is an involvement from the side of the student only.

When we ask the solution to a problem, the computer has fixed set of a few answers and it cannot answer anything beyond that particular solution.

Whereas when an individual asks a teacher any question she can answer it easily. Apart from the mutual involvement factor, when an individual learns anything from a teacher he or she has no other option but to understand the topic fully because when the teacher asks a question, no excuses can be made. On the other hand, if an individual learns from a computer, there will be no obligation upon him or her to understand the subject matter seriously.

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That individual will leave the learning for the future and that future will never arrive. We all are aware of the fact that until and unless we are given a deadline to complete a task we seldom try to complete it.

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A very few individuals are there who can do their work without being obliged to do so. The micro chip has encroached our peace and as the computer becomes slimmer and portable, we see it taking over most aspects of our lives.

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The art of letter writing as completely vanished. The telephone and email are much coveted tools.

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Even notes and coins will soon disappear and the plastic money will rule the world. So it is no surprise that books are being slowly replaced by digital devices. The classic novels have been adapted for television and cinema. The children prefer the visual medium rather than read it. Also computer games have taken over our lives.

Can Computer Replace Books Completely?

We do not have time to pick a book to read. Although book lovers will argue that books can never compete with films, television or computers.

89. The Internet and computers vs schools and teachers

Today the digital book is cheaper and we can store an entire library in a device which we are able to carry with us. So the wonderful technology has taken over the once powerful medium of story telling.

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We can be certain that the print medium will not be completely exiled for the taste of morning tea is not complete without a newspaper. Like wise sometimes it feels good to read a actual book rather than peruse a book on the kindle device. Parents and teachers must encourage children to read books because books teach us our language, history and geography.