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The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls; He watches from his mountain walls, And like a thunderbolt he falls. Descriptive text examples can also be found in many songs, since songs are meant to capture your emotions and to invoke a feeling. Some of the most vivid and effective descriptive writing in music can be found in rap.

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The evocation of alienation and the need to create in "Through the Strings of Infinity" by Canibus is truly poetic. The heavy metal band Opeth uses vivid descriptive writing to evoke loneliness in their song "Windowpane. In her hit song "Blank Space," Taylor Swift uses concrete, evocative descriptions to evoke two very different impressions.

Now that you have several different examples of descriptive text, you can try your hand at writing a detailed, descriptive sentence, paragraph or short story of your own.

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If you need help with powerful descriptions, try some figurative language to help to paint a picture and evoke emotions. If you need inspiration, explore the authors linked above, or check out our quotes from poets like "H. By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please set a username for yourself. People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards. Good Descriptive Writing Good descriptive writing creates an impression in the reader's mind of an event, a place, a person, or a thing.

Examples of Descriptive Writing The following sentences provide examples of the concreteness, evocativeness and plausibility of good descriptive writing. Examples of Descriptive Text in Literature Because descriptive text is so powerful, many examples of it can be found in famous literature and poetry. The High Window The mystery novelist Raymond Chandler was one of American literature's masters of descriptive language. This sentence from The High Window strikes the perfect notes to embody its subject: "She had pewter-colored hair set in a ruthless permanent, a hard beak, and large moist eyes with the sympathetic expression of wet stones.

Through the Strings of Infinity Some of the most vivid and effective descriptive writing in music can be found in rap.

First: "Cherry lips, crystal skies I can show you incredible things Stolen kisses, pretty lies You're the king, baby, I'm your queen" Then: "Screaming, crying, perfect storm I can make all the tables turn Rose gardens filled with thorns Keep you second guessing". All in the Details Now that you have several different examples of descriptive text, you can try your hand at writing a detailed, descriptive sentence, paragraph or short story of your own.

See similar articles. YourDictionary definition and usage example. Link to this page. Descriptive Text Examples. In YourDictionary. Descriptive Text Examples By YourDictionary In descriptive writing, the author does not just tell the reader what was seen, felt, tested, smelled, or heard. Examples of Epanalepsis. Related articles on YourDictionary Sonnet Examples. Examples of Imagery. Tone Word Examples. Join YourDictionary today.

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On the surface that statement seems very exclusive which it is. But it is not a barrier to keep people out; instead it is actually a plea for people to accept him as Savior. The reason is that I don't know of anyone who claims to lead a perfect life no bad thoughts, no lies, etc. But God is holy and as such cannot accept sin in His presence. That is why he said "Even so I will by no means clear the guilty. Since everyone has sinned and God says that the punishment for sin is death, then who can be saved?

That is what Jesus meant when he said that no one can come to the Father except through him — that he already completely paid the price for our sin. That if we accept his gift accepting him as our Savior that God will declare us without sin and give us eternal life with Him.

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I know that this has been a long missive but I offer it as hope that your life doesn't have to end as you posted — that you can live forever together with God and your family. You have been blessed with an awareness of your own mortality so that you have time to look into this while you are still alive. I beg you not take my word for this, but to research the facts not opinions of others yourself and form your own conclusions.

It has changed my life! I pray that Jesus message of good news will change yours also! Well, what do we really know about death, when we don't really understand life? We try to evaluate life by killing it, as we also try to evaluate death by living.

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Weird, and what I want to say is that we apparently approach this topic the wrong way. Though I had the same thoughts about death, I don't fear it anymore. It's great being dead one day, it's just as great as being alive. And I think one does not need to be afraid of losing something, as we don't own anything. Except our thoughts, which are the greatest and most powerful thing we could ever imagine. Everything we perceive once existed as a thought, and our thoughts will neither die nor will they vanish with our existence.

Being is not equal to living, why should it. I keep this short, though I could write and swarm on and on. That reminds me… I just damn need to get rid of the fear to quit smoking, and get the hell out of reach of my computers more often, to enjoy more physical than virtual space… I'm looking hot but little pale, right.

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I have the same fear, no matter how much I explore the rational explanations around dying. It seems to make a mockery of the whole living thing. Apologies for the ramble, I am unable to articulate this any other way. I find this to be true, not because you "grow tired of life", but because you do not trouble yourself with the same kind of philosophical questions anymore.

Between working and raising children you will not find the time to think about death. I read a good inscription on a surfers grave in California a few years back that I found true and somewhat comforting. Perhaps its origin is christian, I do not know. This is especially true at night before bed. For no apparent reason my mind wanders to the subject and suddenly I am wide awake and afraid to go to sleep because of the fear I will not wake up. And I cannot imagine the loss of a loved one.

It really scares me….

This may sound funny to you, but I just recently had a dream that led me to this web sight. I received the name Michael Mongomery in my dream wrote it down in the middle of the night, looked it up and this guy wrote about you. I appreciate the window to such open thoughts of yours. I have pondered my existence since I was a very young girl. Anyway I have had quiet a journey in life and in my seeking for truth I have found Jesus. Probably more like He found me then waited until I was ready to allow my heart to soften enough to see Him and open my heart to recieve his love.

I believe the entire purpose for even living this life is to choose love and to grow in true love…that is have a relationship with God. I believe to live with God in love and for eternity is only through the pure living sacrafice of Jesus Christ who overcame death. Death which is the result of the fall of man intoducing the sinful nature. So I do believe our Souls live on and only through Jesus do we have hope for eternity, with God in love that is.

I believe the love that we share here on earth is glimpses of who God is and helps us to grow closer to Him and grow in Him and grow in love. I believe Jesus is the truth because I know Him and knowing Him has completely transformed me and my life. Now He shows me the reality of His truth more and more everyday as I walk in His light and truth. It is such a Blessing!!! Anyway God Bless You for your open mind! Just a little bit of my heart:. Dying is nothing to be afraid of, I know I have done it a couple times.

When you are faced with the certainty of your death, when you hear those thunderous words "I'm sorry there is no cure, it is a matter of time, how long no one can tell". The fear is all consuming and unrelinting. But you know after a while the thought kind of settles over you like a hazy day, not good, not so bad. After more time you learn to live with it and you get omn with what is left with your life, without regrets and without fear. What you mention might be about the same thing that I saw happen to my father. If you want to talk about it, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail the address can be found in the About page.

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Im 33 years old and found that what is going on in your life at the time you think of death reflects what you think about it. That is when i am not even depressed. I went throuigh 30 days of recovery in ICU and a month in a half of threrapy learning to walk and feed myself again. I searched for my deceased father the entire time i was in a coma but could not find him if i did would i have left this life to go to the next or was it just my mind searching for him out of missing him?

Hi, although a bit late in the comment chain, I'm so glad I came across your website.