Division and clasification essay

Alternatively, if a tutor specifies a humorous or informal topic, the writer might consider things they observe in daily life.

Division and Classification Essays

They may, for instance, consider the clothes stores at their local mall and categorize them according to type e. Developing an essay plan means working out your classification and division criteria. If, for instance, the topic concerns arty styles in modern-day art, one could make a note of the main features of each artistic style, and from there, select the most renowned artists of modern times from each movement or style.

Your introductory paragraph should set out the topic and say why it is important to understand the various categories. The topic and the divisions or classifications should be explained in the thesis statement. Each individual body paragraph should cover a category described in the thesis statement.

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If you were to take the earlier example of the dinosaurs, then one paragraph could talk about how some dinosaur species started to develop and display certain bird-like features such as feathers and other characteristics. These ideas should be supported with the use of external sources unless a tutor or professor permits the use of hypothetical or personally remembered examples. Your concluding paragraph should reunite the categories or divisions, and their importance should be reiterated or explained again.

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Classification and division essay: How to write one?

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This is done for explanatory purposes and to shed more clarity of how something is composed. You do classification of the constituents into corresponding categories. In the process of division, you will more or less know what categories to choose. The Purpose of a Classification and Division Essay Your main goal in writing a classification and division essay is to help readers get more in-depth understanding of a complex topic.

What Is a Division Classification Essay?

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The 40 Best Classification & Division Essay Topics To Consider

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So, the Clear Answers and Start Over button below will not work. The following Clear Answers button is provided in its place and will clear your answers:. Chapter Chapter Quiz. What is the one organizational method mentioned in this chapter? When you discuss each of your categories, what should you be sure to do? No matter what your organizational method is, you should always try to end with what type of category?